Making changes to your diet, exercise plan, or lifestyle can be hard when you’re looking to improve your health and fitness. It’s even more difficult if you don’t even know where to begin. That’s why we’re breaking down some of today’s hottest topics in health, nutrition, and fitness to help get you started.

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13 Resistance Training Myths That Are Keeping People Out of the Gym

There are plenty of resistance training myths out there. For instance, some believe that women shouldn’t lift weights because it’ll make them look bulky or too masculine. Others believe that weightlifting is dangerous or that doing any type of cardio will slow your strength gains.

Is It Worth Getting a Personal Trainer?

At $40+/hour, hiring a personal trainer can be worth it. Personal trainers can design a routine, motivate you to go to the gym, push you through your workouts, and teach you about equipment. Since 89% of personal trainers are certified, it’s easy to find an expert that can help you toward your goal.

Is Weightlifting Harmful?

Weightlifting is not harmful if done carefully. Take 72+ hours of rest between workouts, choose a reasonable weight, perform lifts slowly and with good form, and perform a 5-15 minute dynamic warm-up. These strategies can help prevent strains, sprains, overuse injuries, or even rhabdomyolysis.

7 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Immune System

There are natural ways to boost your immune system. Get more antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and D while cutting sugar, salt, and fat. Strive for 150 minutes of exercise a week, 7-8 hours of sleep a night, and 64+ ounces of water a day. Avoid nicotine and alcohol and work on stress relief.

The Complete List of Benefits of Jumping Rope

The benefits of jumping rope are extensive. This activity can give you a full-body workout while also building stamina, endurance, and coordination. It’s a great way to add variety to your routine and lower your risk of lower-body injuries. Plus, you can do it anywhere at and at a low cost.

The Beginner’s Guide to Gym Etiquette

Gym etiquette doesn’t require all that much from you. It includes rules like not slamming the weights, reracking your weights once you’re done with them, and not overcrowding people at the gym. You should also be wiping your equipment down and using equipment as it was meant to be used.

Do Fad Diets Really Work?

A lot of fad diets just don’t work the way they claim. For example, the Master Cleanse won’t help you lose 40 pounds in 20 days. And, a ketogenic diet won’t automatically make you lose weight. Diets require time, effort, and dedication to be effective long-term.

7 Tips for Walking 10,000 Steps a Day

There are a few easy ways to walk 10,000 steps. Using a fitness tracker can help you keep track. You can take short breaks during the day, do chores around the house, use your commercial time to exercise, and walk more than you need to (park further at the store).

Do Essential Oils Actually Work?

There’s a lot of scientific evidence proving essential oils do work. For example, lemon can help with mood, lavender can aid with stress and anxiety, and peppermint can improve your breathing when you’re sick. Yet, a lot of the effects might be a result of the placebo effect.


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